Lawn Care in Coon Rapids

Enhance Your Property With Our Lawn Maintenance
Boost the value of your property with lawn care in Coon Rapids from Augusta Greens in the Northwestern Suburbs of Minnesota. As a full-service company, we offer everything from lawn mowing to tree care. Click Call us today to know our rates and availability.

Lawn Mowing

 Maintain an even turf surface with regular mowing. We do grass    trimming and edging around all obstacles, including sidewalks, curbs and driveways. Weekly inspections will be completed to ensure a well-groomed lawn. Our flexible packages include weekly and bi-weekly lawn mowing contracts.

 Timely Fertilization

Green and thicken your turf to control the weeds before they control your yard. Organic and traditional yard fertilization and weed control programs get the beautiful lawn you desire. Each application includes a balanced granular fertilizer and weed control product specialized for your lawn type.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Our leaf baggers and lawn rakes will remove all of the leaves, dead grass, and debris from your property. This service includes cleaning all rock, tree, and landscape beds as well as disposal of leaves, dead grass, and debris to give you a great start and finish to every season.

Lawn Aeration, Fertilization, and Overseeding

Thorough Dethatching

We use specialized tools to promote growth by eliminating areas of soil that are not receiving sun due to build-up of thatch and dead grass. Dethatching disperses nutrients that have become trapped in the soil and eliminates bare spots. Your lawn will grow back thicker and healthier!

Careful Overseeding

Overseeding is done after the aeration service is complete. A seed spreader is used to evenly disperse our hybrid grass seed blend over your lawn. These seeds sink into the holes that were created during aeration creating a greener, thicker lawn. This process promotes strong growth and eliminates bare spots, leaving your lawn looking thick and healthy.

Effective Aeration

We use a mechanical plug aerator on your lawn to pull up cores of compacted soil to allow air, rain and nutrients to penetrate the ground. Aeration loosens soil for better root penetration and stability. Cores are left to dissolve on your lawn as they contain millions of microorganisms that help digest thatch naturally, creating a healthier lawn.

Tree & Shrub Care

Trimming your shrubs throughout the growing season makes them look nice and promotes their long-term health. Infrequent trimming of shrubs can leave them looking long and thin. We service trees and shrubs of any height and offer trimming schedules for any budget.

Don’t forget to check our winter services in Coon Rapids, Andover and surrounding areas.